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Recipe from Gfrillerhof in Caprile-Tesimo

South Tyrolean Style canederli slices with beef carpaccio and marinated chanterelle mushrooms


Marinated Chanterelle Mushrooms

(yields about 1 glass = 0.75 l)
0.5 l water
100 ml vinegar
2 juniper berries
½ onion cut into small cubes
1 peeled carrot cut into cubes
1 clove of garlic
1 bay leaf
1 pinch of salt
300 g chanterelle mushrooms
120 g olive oil

South Tyrolean Beef Carpaccio
300 g filet mignon or beef tenderloin from beef raised in South Tyrol
A small amount of grated Parmesan
Olive oil
Salt, pepper

Bread canederli with Speck
200 g white bread (stale/dried out and cut into cubes)
30 g butter
40 g onions
90 g Speck Alto Adige IGP
A pinch of salt and nutmeg
Fine chopped parsley
120 g milk
2 free range eggs from South Tyrol

To make the marinated chanterelle mushrooms, bring water, vinegar and all seasonings to a boil, add the chanterelle mushrooms and bring back to a boil briefly. Drain the water and place the chanterelle mushrooms into canning jars, pour olive oil over them to cover them completely and close the jar tightly. Next, place the jars into a pot with enough boiling water that the jars are covered to ¾ of their height. To prevent the glasses from breaking, place pieces of kitchen paper towels under them. Put the lid on the pot and boil to can the mushrooms for about 10 minutes.

To make the Carpaccio, place the well-trimmed meat into cling foil and place it into the freezer for about 2 hours so that it can be thinly sliced to perfection. Meanwhile, cut the onion and speck into small cubs, sear them in butter, add the milk, warm it up and pour it over the cubed white bread. Next, add the seasoning and the eggs, blend well to form the dough and let it rest for a short time. Next, place the canederli dough into moist cheesecloth, form a sausage-like roll and tie both ends with kitchen twine. Place the roll in boiling water and cook for about 25 minutes. Pull the roll out of the water and wait for it to cool down completely. Remove the cheesecloth and cut the roll into thin slices. Next, plate the canederli slices with beef Carpaccio slices, top with grated Parmesan, drizzles of olive oil, salt and pepper. Serve with the marinated chanterelle mushrooms and salad.
Recipe from Gfrillerhof in Caprile-Tesimo
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Gruppo „Locanda Sudtirolese“
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