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Gruppo „Locanda Sudtirolese“
c/o HGV-Service Cooperativa
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Braised beef cheeks with bread dumplings

2 beef cheeks
4 tablespoon oil
Freshly ground pepper
100 g onion
50 g celery
50 g carrots
1 clove of garlic
30 g tomato purée (= 1 tablespoon)
Thyme, rosemary, sage leaf, marjoram
1 l stock
¼ l red wine

Bread dumplings
50 g onion
40 g butter
200 g coarse breadcrumbs (from bread of around 3 days old)
3 eggs
100 ml milk
2–3 tablespoon flour
2 tablespoon finely chopped garden herbs
Salt, pepper

1 broccoli
Freshly ground nutmeg
Pat the beef cheeks dry using kitchen roll, brush with oil, and immediately rub in some salt, pepper, and paprika. Wash and finely chop the onions, celery, and carrots. Quickly sear the beef cheeks in a frying pan before putting them into a preheated oven at 180°C. After around 50 minutes, turn the oven down to 150 to 160°C, add the finely chopped vegetables, tomato purée and herbs, pour 0.25 liters of stock over the meat, and leave it to braise. Pour red wine and stock over the beef cheeks at regular intervals and keep turning them as they cook.
To make the bread dumplings, sauté the finely chopped onions in butter and add them to the breadcrumbs. Mix well with the eggs, milk, flour, and garden herbs. Season with salt and pepper. The dumpling mixture should be relatively sticky. Shape the dumpling dough into a cylinder of around 5 cm in diameter, wrap it in cling film, and tie up the ends by knotting them or using string. Simmer the dumpling dough in boiling salted water for around 15 to 20 minutes. Take out the dumpling dough as it is still cooking and unwrap it from the cling film, before cutting and serving it while it is still hot.

Tip: Before cooking, make several holes in the cling film using a toothpick or fork.

Cut eight florets from a head of broccoli, boil until al dente, and toss in butter seasoned with salt and nutmeg.
Remove the cheeks after around 2 to 2.5 hours and keep them warm. Strain the sauce, season well, and thicken using potato starch if necessary. Cut the meat horizontally into slices and pour over the sauce. Serve with the bread dumplings and broccoli.
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Gruppo „Locanda Sudtirolese“
c/o HGV-Service Cooperativa
Via Macello, 59-39100-Bolzano (I) - www.gasthaus.itPhone +39 0471 317 700 - Fax +39 0471 317 701VAT no. 00576540215
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