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Dish with a long history

Dumplings are Tyrol‘s unofficial emblem, they were the protagonists on the menu of farmers: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday were „dumpling days“.
The oldest testimony of Tyrolean dumplings is to be found on a fresco from the 12th century in the chapel of Hocheppan Castle: Mary watches a maid sitting in front of a pan with round dumplings that are delightfully taken to her mouth. Thus, the artist gave a local culinary touch to a biblical scene.
Dumplings are Tyrol‘s unofficial emblem. Every valley has its own particularities: Buckwheat dumplings are famous in Val Passiria and in Merano and surroundings, people from Val Pusteria are proud of their meat-free dumplings (Fastenknödel) and their pressed dumplings. In Upper Val Venosta, cooks prefer dumplings that are steamed and not boiled. Dumplings were the protagonists on the menu of farmers: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday were „dumpling days“. Between Bolzano and Merano buckwheat dumplings were eaten every day in summer, whereas bacon dumplings were only served on Sundays and on feast days. Turnip cubes often substituted bacon in times of need.
Dumplings were served in a broth and eaten „one in the water, one on the land“, which means that the first dumpling was eaten with the broth, whereas the second dumpling was eaten with salad or cabbage. When dumplings were served, everybody had his or her own plate. Otherwise everybody ate from the pan which was put into the middle of the table on the „pan servant“. We still have to give you a last warning: Never dare cutting a dumpling with a knife if you don’t want to offend the cook.

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15.06.2017Südtiroler Gasthaus


Dish with a long history

Farmers didn’t eat the best meal for Sunday lunch, but on Saturday for dinner, when a long working week was over and after work was rung in. “Schlutzkrapfen” were often served in Val Pusteria on this occasion.
02.05.2017Südtiroler Gasthaus

Gsieser Osterochsen - Easter ox from Val Casies

Dish with a long history

Contemporaries fell into raptures with this tender, fine-fibred meat of the mighty "Gsieser Osterochsen" ("Easter ox from Val Casies") as soon as 200 years ago.
16.04.2017Südtiroler Gasthaus


Dish with a long history

“Schneemilch” is an old feast day dessert from Val Venosta. The whole family were sitting – and still sit – around the table on Christmas Eve or other feast days and were spooning this treat from one bowl.
20.12.2016Südtiroler Gasthaus
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