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Typical, regional culinary delights, genuine hospitality and a fine sense for tradition: these are the characteristic features that the Hotel- and Restaurant keepers Association would like to promote with the „Südtiroler Gasthaus“ initiative. 31 traditional restaurants and inns all around South Tyrol thus contribute to the preservation and spreading of a historically developed inn culture.

You will feel it, that special thing, whenever you enter a South Tyrolean inn. It’s that special thing which characterises those restaurants and inns where the restaurant owners put heart and soul into it. Where tradition is lived with conviction and passed on and where a cosy gettogether is appreciated. That special thing distinguishes the inns that have been awarded the “Südtiroler Gasthaus“ designation. All restaurants were submitted to a strict quality check by an independent jury that checked, if these restaurants and inns can keep what the “Südtiroler Gasthaus“ brand promises: an offer that is focused on typical South
Tyrolean dishes and the use of local, seasonal high quality products. A wine list whose protagonists are South Tyrolean wines. A pleasant ambience created by the use of local materials.

The restaurant owners of the “Südtiroler Gasthaus“ group look forward to welcoming you!




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News & valuable informations

“Südtiroler Gasthaus” Sunday roasts

Culinary initiative on Sundays from 15 January to 26 March 2017

"Südtiroler Gasthaus" educational trip

The Group visits the Herrmannsdorfer agricultural workshops in Bavaria region.

Gastronomic weeks of the Easter oxes
When:  from 29th March to 17th April 2016
Where: in some member inns of the group

Eight member inns of the "Südtiroler Gasthaus" group have participated this year at the annual auction of the Easter oxes at San Lorenzo di...

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The cook propones

"Südtiroler Gasthaus" recipes
The innkeepers of the „Südtiroler Gasthaus“ group have carefully selected typical South Tyrolean recipes that are intended for reading and cooking at home.