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Summer at “Südtiroler Gasthaus”

When:  from 23 June to 30 July
Where:  in all member inns of the group

The "Südtiroler Gasthaus" group comprises a large number of versatile and dedicated innkeepers and restaurateurs, and in the summer an equally large number of "above-ground" vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs ripen in their glorious colours and fragrances. This wide variety of freshly-harvested local produce is the inspiration for our members, whose cooks and chefs use them to create a range of imaginative and delicious vegetarian dishes. Don't miss the "Frescaestate" festival where from 23 June to 30 July you can enjoy the delights of the summer harvest of fresh "above-ground" produce.

The cook propones

"Südtiroler Gasthaus" recipes
The innkeepers of the „Südtiroler Gasthaus“ group have carefully selected typical South Tyrolean recipes that are intended for reading and cooking at home.